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Friday, 30 April 2010

Bank Holiday and Cricket = Perfect

Anyone that hates me mumbling on about cricket look away now!
Spent a lot of this week not lifting heavy but conditioning myself ready for the season. This Saturday (weather permitting) is the start of the league season, which means I (as captain) need to score some runs.
So partly i did not want to go into Saturdays game suffering from the weeks training but also from the week before i chose to give myself a rest week.

I fully agree on Katie's blog this morning - having a rest week has a great affect on the body, mind and soul. I didn't train as well as I was hoping last week. Whether I was lifting too heavy or just wasn't there mentally but to be honest the sessions weren't enjoyable, as I knew I wasn't at my best. So after that week I had 2 options. Stick with it, drop the weight, eat well and push through – or give myself a rest week and come back stronger next week?
Obviously I'm not saying every time you feel a little drained take time off but listen to your body and what its asking from you.

Anyway I highly recommend you all take this 3 day weekend as I time to chill, drink lots of water ☺ and come back feeling great on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend all...



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