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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Don't despair

Hello to one and all again :)

Another long weekend one day away! Are you ready?

I woke up this morning thinking hell yeah, I feel like lifting some heavy weights today! After not being able to get to a 100kg deadlift by the end of March, feeling defeated and broken with a sore knee and shoulder I finally felt like doing it again. Got myself to the studio, did the morning sessions and went for it ... 87.5kg later ... rubbish!!! 92.5 stayed on the floor again. I went straight in for 92.5kg as I know I can do 90 as I have done it before. After the second attempt I closed my eyes and saw a big red sign flashing at the back of my eyelids...

No no no I thought to myself, no more frustrations. And actually I must say I was not as disappointed as I was last time 92.5 stayed on the floor. I guess the initial journey towards my PB was fun and seemed way to easy sometimes jumping 5-10kg up each time I tried. Now I know that I must work just that little bit harder and work on my mental approach to the bar too as I know that it stayed on the floor not because I was not strong enough to lift it but because I was unconsciously afraid of it...

Well oh well. I left it at 87.5 and moved on to some narrow press ups and ring pulls. Doing 55 of each in a pyramid from 10-1 my body felt like it had a good workout. What pleased me even more is that at least a third of the press ups I did on one leg which takes me just that little bit closer to my next goal - one hand press up!

It feels good being back into proper training after a few March set backs. I've also been keeping a food diary for the past 3 weeks in order to keep myself on track in the run up to my secret holiday and I must say it is paying off already. The idea is no cheating during the week, which simply means no sweets, low carb, home cooked food for lunch etc. If I don't have a home cooked lunch I have a few options depending on whether it is my workout or non workout day lunch that I can replace it with. Weekends are a bit more relaxed with little treats being allowed but nothing over the top, minimum booze and eating out only every now and then. My body already feels much better and looks good, so it only confirms what I was thinking of for the past few months. All those tiny little treats during the week (a biscuit here and a piece of chocolate there) really do make a difference in getting your beach bum ready for the sun!

Enjoy your long weekend everyone and I'll be back next Thursday.

Marta :)


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