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Monday, 19 April 2010

Joslyn's Blog Spot - Let the Carb Loading begin!!

OK, just 5 more sleeps to the marathon, and I have begun carb loading!! if you haven't heard of it before, carb loading is basically loading your system up with carbohydrates 2-3 days before the run so that you are carbed up to go the distance. But in order to fully untilise the carb load, you have to comepletely deplete the system of carbs so that when you do start eating them again, your body holds on to them as it thinks it won't get any more for a while post-carb depletion. It's also a method that claims to reduce the chances of hitting the wall, that awful I can't go on feeling that you usually get at about 20 miles, joy!!

So here's what I'm doing for the marathon on Sunday:

On days 1 (Monday), 2 (Tuesday) and 3 (Wednesday) before the marathon, completely deplete carbs, no porridge for breakfast, no chicken with your rice, you even need to stay away from the fruit bowl!! This is kind of tough, expect to snap at people when they say good morning, and generally treat you with kindness.

On days 4 (Thursday), 5 (Friday) and 6 (Saturday) before the marathon, load it up!!!! Porridge for breakfast, fruit as snacks (obviously with a little protein thrown know the drill), chicken and rice for lunch, and fish and veggies with sweet potato for dinner. You feel SO full after the carb depletion, but you've just got to do it. Now is not the time to be counting calories, you are determining getting through the race with some serious carb storage, not whether you add an extra pound or two on the scales!!!

I did this in just 4 days last time which also worked, 2 days of depletion followed by two days of loading.


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