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Friday, 30 April 2010

Life happens.

So I have two weekends left before my triathlon season starts so you would think that this long weekend would be a really training hard one but no, this weekend my full training schedule in mainly consisting of a hen do in Newcastle and a trip to my boyfriends aunts house in the country. You would think that this is not ideal for the training bank balance or my actual bank balance but what is important to remember is that, as my mum always says "these things happen" and "just make the most of the situation".

There has been some scientific evidence to suggest that there in a little physiological improvement to just mentally rehearsing an exercise rather than actually doing it. This weekend while the other girls are giggling over the normal Hen Do games I will be testing this theory and visualising my laps around Richmond Park and laps in the pool.

So my point is, where there is a will there is a way. Life happens so work with it rather than worrying about things you can't control. On the scale of life, a weekend off my training is not going to make that much difference to my triathlon season as long as the rest of my weekends of preparation I am committed and work hard. I have scheduled in this weekend break as a time off from training so I can hopefully actually come back stronger and fresher for my final week training before the first race.

I hope you all have a great long weekend. See you on the other side of it.



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