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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday - 33

Today is going to be a little mish mash of a couple of things I've been thinking about. Firstly though, a little update on last weeks training and I'm pleased to report it all went pretty well. Considering I had my de-load week non of my strength had decreased and in many lifts I probably should have pushed up a pb. Everything just felt a little better. I definitely don't do enough de-load weeks and I will start to program them in to my training a lot more.

I was reading one of my favourite blogs the other day and was searching through the back catalogue if posts and stumbled across one which had a link to a very interesting video. The video is of a Stanford University professor who conducted a study on the effects of 4 different diets, Atkins, Orson, Zone and the LEARN diets and is presenting the results (video below). That last one is basically the government recommended diet. Now this professor (Nick Gardner) put them up against each other to see what happened. The results were very compelling and that is for a few reasons that Nick Gardner goes in to himself. It is a great video, it is a little long but if you do find the time to watch it I would. He presents the findings very well and is actually quite funny. I don't want to spoil it but basically after the study has finished the Atkins diet comes out on top (although it ends up being more of a revised Atkins than a true Atkins, which I think is better anyway) Now that is no surprise to me but it is to Nick Gardner who is a long life vegetarian and so for him to come out and say that a diet composed of high fat, high animal protein and relatively low carb is a testament to him as a researcher and to the extra credibility to this study. Another interesting fact was when they got all the women in for this trial, a lot of them stated that they had tried these diets and they didn't work for them. The researchers made sure that the women read the books that they were assigned to follow and to then have a "coach" to help them understand what they had to do. Many of them then came back and said that they had completely miss understood the diet the first time round and that they hadn't actually done the diet in the first place. I think this is quite important as most of the time people who say they are dieting or are following a diet in many cases just plain aren't.

The actual presentation is an hour long with 15mins of questions at the end, so if you have the time please watch it! If you don't, then make some!

Secondly I was reading just today that apparently chocolate has been linked to depression. A study has found that people who regularly eat chocolate are more depressive. Now this to me actually kinda makes sense as chocolate does seem to have a slight endorphin releasing quality so people who are depressed could naturally crave the things that make them feel better. That whole "comfort food" thing. Problem with this is obviously it is drastically bad for you and this will probably add pounds to your body and will probably just make you more depressed! Anyway I just thought that was interesting and probably not that surprising.

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